About Us

We are not gurus. We are not pushing products.

We host this platform, podcast and facebook community for FBA sellers to get fast responses to immediate questions in an organized format.

Who Are We?

We are brothers who heard about Amazon FBA from interviewing friends on a previous podcast and decided to check it out.

Noah committed to climb the mountain of Amazon after spending a 24 hour day on his birthday sweating in 100 degree heat in the west Texas oil fields drilling holes for a mineral sampling company.

I (Adam) knew it was for me when I stopped caring whether I got fired from my corporate software gig.

When we started out 3 years ago Amazon FBA seemed like an impossible to untangle ball of yarn.

We made the podcast in the hopes of untangling the yarn ball faster for our listeners.

Please subscribe to the podcast or post your FBA question on our facebook group and Noah, myself, or another experienced seller will answer within the hour.

We’ll see you in the jungle 🙂